Small Business Owners & SEO

SEO is a service which is here to stay because of its in-numerous benefits to web owners. But then money is a very important factor here. Are we utilizing our hard earned money in the correct direction? Or are we being fooled by the companies because we have no idea whatsoever of how much money should be allocated to this service? These are very important questions which need immediate addressing.

Let me give you a fair idea of the amount you should actually be spending. The preliminary amount that is to be paid is around $3000 which is for all the very basic stuff
provided for a span of 2 months such as log analysis
, keywords pattern matching, utilization of meta data, web crawling bots, sitemap generation, submission of DMOZ, linking media assets, business account on Google+, information of architecture audit, dashboards, analysis of Google traffics, setting up of site maps, textual images, link audit tools, setup for pages with custom 404 error, Canonization of data to name a few. The monthly amount to be paid thereafter is around $400.

SEO for small business owners is a consideration that has many variables. For a more advanced plan the price goes up to $5000. The monthly installments too increase to $600. The advanced plan is the basic plan loaded with additional utilities like stream updates of Google+, 5 Google analytics dashboards, copywriting articles, updates on webpages, report of competitor intelligence, restructuring of internal linking, tags for headers, analysis for
duplicate contents, content promotion that are linkable, monitoring for social media software (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and first page results of Google with 10 key phrases guaranteed.

The most advanced plan and the best one is what we call the SEO market leader for which the price goes up further to around $8000 which is again a 2 month package. The following monthly installments become $1000. It is the father of all the plans where the advanced plan is spiced up with even more features such as assets’ contents or links, xml sitemaps for videos and images, updates for Google+ stream, analysis of website usability, more creation of Google analytics dashboards, reclamation of links, articles on copywriting issues, the universal SEO, blogging as guest, text navigation, and guaranteed 20 key phrases on the results on the first page of Google.

The more you demand from the SEO service, the higher the price goes. So it depends on the individual’s needs. So look for your required parameters and then invest wisely.

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