ZEN SEO Sydney is a company that has a reputable history. SEO is a tough game these days, & the reason being is that Google has changed the rules entirely! There is much speculation as to why this is the case, but it is generally thought to be primarily a revenue gaining experience. Before google rolled out the Panda & Penguin changes that so drastically levelled the playing field, there were many SEO techniques & strategies that worked, & worked qute well in fact.

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At one stage forum posting was successful, as was artical marketing & social book marking, but as with anything – the spammers come in & really obliterate it all. It is also believed that google allowed many smaller businesses & omline marketers a good deal of sucess early on to give them the taste of easy money with easy to get search results – & then just pull the rug out from under the feet of everybody!

What this has effectively done is now drive most of us onto their pay per click PPC platform – bringing their quarterly revenue takings close to 5 billion dollars! Not a small amount of money in anyone’s books! As with virtually everything these days, business is driven by the bottom line, & share holders will ALWAYS demand more & more profit!


Anyways, SEO is not dead – in fact it is still very much alive & kicking! The only difference is that now one needs to really know what they are doing, as the google algorithms are really quite sensitive to anything that even remotely resembles spam or unnateral linking. Anchor text percentages is very important, with anything over about 10% will generally trigger some type of negative penalty being incurred.

This is quite difficult to do, because if beginning with a newly registered website, then there is most often zero backlinking history – which means when attempting to create backlinks – then a penalty can be triggered more easily than imagined if the situation is not approached correctly. Learn some SEO basics

These days, only links of quality are permitted – this means links from sites that have age, relavency & good standing within the eyes of google. As you can see, this means that it is virtaully impossible to game the search engines with traditional methods. So, all of those SEO purported mistros out there saying that they can provide seo results in a short time – well this may be true, but only for perhaps 2 – 3 weeks before your site plummets through the cracks in the floor!

If you have a website that has been penalized, & if you have been penalized at some time in the past, & you have received a notification via your webmaster account that says you have been suspected of unnatural linking – then your best bet is to begin again from a new domain (do not even consider a reconsideration request, as the chances of this being successful is virtually non existant!

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