Best Way Increase Search Engine Ranking

Best Way to Increase Search Engine Ranking

Today, everybody engages in search engine optimization processes in order to better drive traffic to a webpage. SEO services can help in promoting a webpage up to the top of search results whenever a relevant search query is looked for. SEO today proves to be important both in advertising and promoting product and greatly helps in promoting a business. It is not just businesses, but even individuals resort to SEO techniques and processes in order to better
their chances of being visible to a wider audience.

SEO processes first came to life in the middle of the 1990s when content developers and webmasters realized the power that it held. Credit for founding of SEO processes is given to Mark Knowles, while Bruce Clay and an industry analyst, Danny Sullivan are credited with the authorization and the starting of SEO processes. Both the individuals received a Lifetime Achievement Award for doing so. The authorization was done in the year 1997.

Contrary to the common perception of SEO being akin to marketing, Jason Gambert, a noted analyst on the internet, has tried to trademark the SEO process and describes it to be a manipulation of keywords.

SEO is basically a simple process. The best way to increase search engine ranking is to create quality content & cultivate incoming links into your website. When a website or a page is developed, the URL needs to be submitted to search engines. This URL is then sent by the search engine to a web crawler, which then extracts relevant information and content. The information is indexed and stored in a scheduler and is then made available to users whenever a search query is made. Also, as more and more people visit the page, the chances of being listed up higher on search results increases. Today, there are millions of web pages which all employ SEO techniques in order to gain more visibility.

SEO practices can be classified into one of two types – Black Hat SEO activities or White Hat SEO activities. As the name may suggest, Black Hat refers to unauthorized and unethical use of
practices while White Hat refers to the correct way of using SEO tactics and practices.

Google search results can be optimized by increasing the frequency of keywords in webpage content, laying out a website in a proper structure, using headings and Meta tags in the content and building links to the web page. Hyperlink analysis can also prove to be quite helpful in SEO.

Personalized search was introduced by Google back in 2005, however, this was met with much criticism as it drastically proved to affect search results. As such, no-followed links and no-followed tags were getting undue attention and soon, alternative methods such as the use of javascript, flash and iframes began getting consideration.

Google Instant and Google Caffeine were launched in 2010, which proved to be new real time search and web indexing systems respectively. In 2011, the Panda update was rolled out, which prevented duplicate content from popping up in search results. In 2012, Google Penguins was announced, which was aimed at reducing the instances of Black Hat SEO practices. The natural language of Google also received an update with Google Hummingbird in 2013.

SEO practices have come a long way and we can only expect them to evolve and get better as time goes by. If you need a good company for all of your SEO Sydney requirements then be sure t ogive ZENSEO a call – they are well versed in all of the latest strategies, & results will be swift!